Custom label

Do you want a Box of Maya Popcorn with your logo? Ideal for:

  • Advertising boxes
  • Giveaways
  • Advertising for Clubs
  • Advertising for Events
  • Birthdays
  • Invitations


1 portion of popcorn in practical bags for immediate consumption. With calories on the front. Ideal as a small snack.



Christian Stucki is brand ambassador of Maya Popcorn


Real natural ingredients

Maya Popcorn is completely natural, with no E numbers, no artificial flavours and no preservatives.
It is also gluten- and GMO-free. During production we use only high-quality sunflower oil (no fats or palm oils),
and we harvest our high-quality corn only from carefully selected cornfields.
We are totally committed to ensuring our raw materials are natural, and this natural philosophy continues throughout the production process.


We don’t shy away from hard work during production, either. Our Premium Popcorn is produced completely by hand, from start to finish. The ingredients are prepared freshly every day.
We never use semi-finished containerized products. Only by keeping to these principles can we achieve the top premium quality constantly attested to by our customers.


Whatever flavour we are producing, be it strawberry, chocolate, caramel, salt or sugar, we steer clear of artificial flavourings or colourings. The same also applies to our popcorn chocolates.
We create our flavours with real, natural ingredients and specifically avoid artificial flavours. Our naturally produced premium popcorn varieties please connoisseurs' palates and tickle their taste buds, and that makes us happy.  


We use minimal packaging. Packaging can often be confusing and is usually overloaded with unnecessary information. We use a transparent pot so people can see what they’re getting. Popcorn fans can see the difference and know they are buying an ultra-natural, premium-quality product. We are proud of our popcorn.