Our promise of quality

Our passion is the production of high-quality popcorn in Switzerland. We do this exclusively with natural ingredients, free from any preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, and our products are 100% natural and sustainable.

Our values and mission – today and tomorrow

Our journey began in the Swiss Alps in Lucerne. Since then, our history has been shaped by Swiss values. We remain true to this approach today and will remain so in the future.
Our mission is to reliably offer our customers high-quality, natural and varied popcorn that fulfils the highest quality promises. We pursue this mission with passion.

We are proud of our origin and look forward to the journey that still lies ahead of us.

High-quality ingredients – Only the best is good enough

The naturalness of our raw material is sacred to us and is preserved throughout the entire production process.

We use the highest quality sunflower oil and we harvest our fine premium corn exclusively from select cornfields. This gives each kernel a unique texture, light and airy, and thus ensures maximum crunchiness.

Maya Popcorn is completely free from preservatives, gluten and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Gentle processing

We spare no effort when we process the ingredients. Our premium popcorn is produced with great care from the first to the last step.

The ingredients are freshly prepared every day. We do not use semi-finished products.

With this consistent approach, we achieve the very highest premium quality that we want to offer our customers every day.

100% natural without compromise

Whether Strawberry, Choco, Caramel, Salt or Sweet, we completely forgo artificial flavourings and colourings in all our flavours.

Maya Popcorn thus delights the palates and sense of taste of gourmets in a 100% natural manner.

Our packaging – As sustainable as possible

Our "Maya Popcorn" container is a type of packaging with many advantages that makes sense, both for nature and for our customers.

The container is resealable and thus contributes to the freshness and crunchiness of the popcorn as well as long-lasting pleasure. This means less food waste. Due to its sealability and stability, after consumption the container is also perfectly suitable for storing other supplies and for other upcycling ideas.

Our containers are made from environmentally-friendly polypropylene (PP) and can therefore be recycled with other synthetic material in more and more places in Switzerland. Even if they end up in the rubbish bin, thanks to PP they will be destroyed in an environmentally neutral way.

Furthermore, our containers are so stable that they are self-supporting, making additional material for both packaging and transport superfluous.

We are constantly testing new packaging solutions in order to make steady progress in this area as well.