More than 4000 years ago: The origin

"Hombres de maíz" – people made of corn: According to the rich indigenous Mayan culture, humans were formed from corn by gods. More than 4000 years ago, in what is now Mexico, the Maya were already producing puffed corn, the precursor of today's popcorn.

In the modern world, popcorn began its triumphal march in the USA in the 1930s, parallel to the rise of the flourishing film industry. To this day, a film evening or visit to the cinema is even more fun with aromatic and crunchy popcorn.

2023: The expansion to Effretikon

Maya Popcorn, with its many fine flavours, is meeting with ever greater approval and is more popular than ever before!

Thanks to the expansion of our production in Effretikon in the canton of Zurich, we can meet the constantly increasing demand even better. We look forward to bringing joy to even more popcorn fans throughout Switzerland in the future!

The acquisition by Egli AG Import and Distribution

In April 2021, Maya Popcorn was acquired by Egli AG Import & Distribution, a leading import and distribution company for confectionery and non-food products in Switzerland.

Egli AG Import & Distribution is proud to continue this unique Swiss popcorn tradition and to fulfil the original promise of Swissness, naturalness and the highest quality both today and in the future.

The birth of Maya Popcorn in Switzerland

Inspired by the fascinating Mayan culture, Maya Popcorn was founded in 2008 as a family business in Ettiswil, Lucerne in Central Switzerland. The vision was clear from the beginning: Producing high-quality and sustainable premium popcorn in Switzerland.

From the beginning, Maya Popcorn has been committed to the highest quality and remains true to this approach to this day. In addition to the classic flavour Salt, Maya Popcorn and its more than 30 employees produce many other delicious flavours of its premium popcorn.